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What does it mean to Gift-a-Dream to a student?

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We provide financial assistance to children from low income Muslim families to ensure that every child gets the resources to succeed in school.

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Support Our Kids' Education




Ashraf bin Azizul, hopes to be a policeman in future! “I want to protect our country.” Currently, the student is living with six siblings and his parents. Previously, his parents would spend a hefty sum of their income on their school items, so the ETF book vouchers has helped to defray the cost. Contribute to the ETF and journey with Ashraf towards his aspirations.



Mother of Lashirah Yusayrah

“I’m Latipah, a single parent of three children. It’s challenging being a single parent in bringing up three children facing many obstacles in life. Education, it’s so different way back during my time.  With Mendaki Tuition Scheme, it helped my children with their studies. They interact well with their tutors.  My eldest daughter, Lashirah loves the Mentoring Session especially.  MTS also arrange parenting workshops and the ETF support my children with the tuition fees as I can’t afford to pay private tuition.  ETF bring opportunities to the children for their better future. Thank you, ETF!” 




“Upon graduation from school, I want to be a chef because I love to eat and I like to see my mother cooking and baking. Whenever she cooks or bakes, I'm her tester. And I believe that by becoming a chef, my future will go further.”


Your Support Matters!

With your help, we hope to raise $12 million to support the education needs of children from disadvantaged Malay/Muslim families. 

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"I donate because I think it is important to give back to my community."

Ms Siti Nurbaya