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What does it mean to Gift-a-Dream to a student?

When you gift to a student, the support you render is not just a financial transaction. Instead, your gift offers them hope for a brighter future. Support their essentials so they can focus on fulfilling their potential!

We aim to match 600 students from disadvantaged families to 600 donors who are keen to join them on this journey.

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as of 16 September 2021

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For as low as $0.60/day, we can support more students to achieve their dreams.

Your gift allows deserving students to have access to:



Your donation to the Gift-a-Dream campaign is also 250% tax deductible, helping you reduce your annual tax bill while supporting those who need it most.

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Transforming Lives

We bring you the story of Lashirah who has a dream to become a zookeeper and manages the animals in Singapore Zoo.

You can be part in making the dreams of students like Lashirah by supporting the Gift-a-Dream campaign.


Frequently asked questions

How does Gift-a-Dream work?

This sponsorship works very simply! By contributing $200/$250 a year, you provide your students with basic needs such as to supplementary educational materials and transport subsidies. This assistance alleviates the stress a family faces and provides students with the opportunity to simply focus on their studies. Your donation also provides them with continued access to our enrichment and mentoring programs. You will receive annual progress updates from us!

Gift-a-Dream. Invest in Education. You will bring your student one step closer to his/her dreams.

How long does Gift-a-Dream sponsorship last?

We always hope that donors for Gift-a-Dream will work with us long-term especially as students' progress to the next academic year. We would appreciate a commitment of about 2 years. The officers will check on your renewal before the start of the academic year. You may inform our officers should you wish to not continue the journey with us.

What should I do if I no longer want to donate to Gift-a-Dream?

We understand that sometimes circumstances can change quite unexpectedly. If you are unable to continue your support, please help us by encouraging a friend or family member to continue the commitment. At the end of every year, we will invite donors to continue for another 1 or 2 year cycle. You can inform us that you will be taking a break from Gift-a-Dream (hopefully temporary!).

For any enquiries on Gift-a-Dream, please email to: